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Monday, July 26, 2010

User Mapped-Section open???

1. Regular users of Torrents might have seen something like the title disturbing them and stopping them of their downloads....i m one of i tried and checked up few forums...tried doing force start etc...nothing worked....then tried disabling the antivirus for a while.....and it worked.....

2. So...simply just disable the antivirus for the time u wish to lose some...gain some....

Monday, July 19, 2010

Increasing Laptop Bty Life : Few ways

1. Hibernate: Hibernating the laptop is always a tidier option than putting it on standby, or shutting it down. This is because the laptop’s hibernate mode saves it in the state it was hibernated in, and does not require the laptop to reboot all applications, thereby using much less power.

2. Get some extra RAM: Whenever a laptop runs short of RAM memory it end up shifting to the virtual memory which results in hard disk use, which is a much less efficient option in terms of power consumption. Putting in extra RAM does use more power, so don’t get too much extra, but when compared to the use of virtual memory it’s a more efficient option.

3. Apply energy saving options on the OS

4. Bring down the brightness of the screen

5. Shut Down External devices: Most USB devices and other external devices like external hard drives or USB lights or even USB mice should be switched off and removed if not in use.

6. Shutdown background apps

7. Amend battery cycle: For a healthy Lithium-ion based battery, it is always suggested to keep the electrons that are present inside in motion occasionally. That means it’s never a good idea to keep you laptop plugged in or on charge all the time as the electrons lose their ability to store energy. One should let it discharge fully and charge it completely at least once a month to keep the battery as good as new.

8. Switch-off unused wireless radios

9. Try to reduce multitasking: When using the laptop on battery power, one should try as much as possible to use one application at a time, and should ideally shut one application completely before opening another, to reduce consumption of both processing and battery power.

10. Defrag on regular intervals

Saturday, July 10, 2010

How Google detects Invalid clicks?

More often then not,most of the registered Google Ad sense users are always tempted to increase their clicks on the ad to generate some monetary benefit....this one comes specially for all those who try tricks of trade....believe it or not their are none... Google is tooooooooo down below and links below :

1. IP Address

If those clicked on their own ads multiple times from the same IP address means you will sure get banned.

2. Sabotaged by third party

Sometimes, you may also be sabotaged. A third party may decide to do a series of illegal clicks on your advertisements for the purpose of getting you banned. If you notice any suspicious clicks of this nature, Google encourages you to report it to them.

3. CTR

The normal CTR ratio must be in between 0.5% – 15%. Anything more then 15% will be flagged.

4. Cookies

Few Adsense users, use the trick by using the dynamic IP address but it falls flat as cookies in computer can be used to track our cookies and help identify the invalid clicks.

5. Physical Location

Google has many software and bots to trace. They will trace the IP address of the small town and city. So do not click your own ads in different internet cafe and also in friend’s home. If you do this, your account will flagged.

6. Fake Web Traffic

Fake web traffic is anything that generates false impressions on your Google AdSense advertisements, including participating in link farms or link exchange directories.

7. Search Engine Ranking

If you got many clicks without the help of search engine ranking, social media traffic means Google will easily smell it.

More veri useful info here at and

Augment your regular desktop with a FACE RECOGNITION feature

1. Face recognition technology although has been compromised earlier on various times and occasions which have been mentioned at this blog here,here and here.But again things are improving with more complex algorithms being used for processing and allowing a person to Log In.Now suppose an online exam is being conducted which requires students to login with their accounts; anybody could login with anybody’s account as long as they knew their username and password.So for regular window OS users,Luxand Blink allows an alternative to traditional Windows login and a solution to problems. It provides its users with a different way to login to Windows: through Facial Recognition.
2. Luxand Blink is a free application comptable with 32 bit version of Windows Vista and Windows 7. The download size of the application is 8MB and installs in a standard way. A webcam is required to be installed in the computer...(did I need to tell that?)

3. So just look into a webcam for a moment, and you’ll be logged into your account before you notice. Blink! employs advanced face recognition technologies to provide automatic, quick and reliable login to one or many computer users. It uses its advance image recognition algorithms to recognize our face. Such is the competence of this application, that whether the lighting is different or our hair are different, Luxand Blink will still recognize our face and log us in.So a regular old desktop becomes ready with the FACE RECOGNITION feature.

Friday, July 09, 2010

SAMSUNGs GALAXY BEAM - Projector meets Mobile

1. Imagine one single mobile handset offering the following features :

(a) Miniprojector at 640 x 480 pixel resolution.

(b) 3.7-inch Super-AMOLED (Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode)

(c) An 8-megapixel camera.

(d) Can be used as a wireless access point.

(e) FM.

(f) Wi-fi.

(g) Bluetooth 3.0

(h) GPS

(j) Inbuilt 16 GB storage

(k) TV out

(l) MP3,MPEG4,WMV,DivX & H.264

(m) Touchscreen

(n) 3G/EDGE Connectivity

(o) 530 hours Stand By

(p) 7 hours talktime
2. Thats Samsung Galaxy Beam to be launched on 17th July 10

Thursday, July 08, 2010


1. This is by far the most amazing thing I have seen in recent years....we have all seen ways to transfer data from one PC to other including bluetooth,wifi,cable and so on.....but this one involvesslurping up (extracting) information and squirting out (injecting) pointers to digital objects. Hence, information can be transferred from machine to machine without any kind of wired or unwired connection.It will be really clear when you see the above use a dropper like object to pick up a folder from one desktop to other......AMAZZZZINGGG!!!!!!

2. This clever innovation comes in from a former MIT Media Lab student, Jamie Zigelbaum.

IT meets HIGH TECH TAPS : Renshui Faucets

1. Water Taps with in-built chips , the Renshui high-tech faucets, allows customised control of the flow and temperature of the water . All it takes is a simple touch and one can change these parameters to prepare a perfectly tailor-made lovely bath.The water’s temperature is also displayed on the cool body of this faucet that’s totally different in style and form.

2. With a simple touch, one can go from hot to cold water, on or off. Another great feature is the intelligent light, which shows the water’s temperature to cut down the risk of scalding accidents. All these features come wrapped in a contemporaneous design that will add sleek , style in additions to reducing your wallet weight.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Intel meets Car : Makes it SMART CAR

1. In an earlier post here about Intel's Bike,I discussed about how Intel had plans to get IT into Bike.Now they have gone a step further.....I mean from Bike to Car...yess..they have graduated to Car.

2. Intel is currently working on a smart car that will register desired information about the speed, steering, braking while also recording video footage from the outside.This would work well enough as a black box since all the information can be used in case of crashes and if possible, even thefts. Safety features like an on-board camera system, sensors to monitor the road condition, distance sensors to warn the driver of closing in distances and mobile control to lock or unlock the car.

Saturday, July 03, 2010


1. Cows and data centers ???Whats the link.......any guesses....strange you may find but this has come from HP who feel that both entities are on for the link///

2. According to HP Labs, the estimate dairy cow produced is about 55 kg of manure per day, and thus 20 metric tons per year. The manure that one dairy cow produces in a day can generate 3.0 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electrical energy.A medium-sized dairy farm with 10,000 cows produces about 200,000 metric tons of manure per year. This farm can fulfill the power requirements of a medium sized 1 megawatt (MW) data center.The heat generated by the data center need not be wasted. Instead, it can be used to break down animal waste which results in the production of methane.Methane can then be used to generate power for the data center.HP Labs researchers say that this symbiotic relationship allows the waste problems faced by dairy farms and the energy demands of the modern data center to be addressed in a sustainable manner.

3. Actually HP should have not just come up with the idea...with the strong hold they have in the would have more suited them to actually attempt the same on ground rather then advising and making statistical data of the dung!!!!