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Sunday, February 26, 2017


1.  The increased use of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin among private users and some businesses has opened a new avenue of research in the field of digital forensics involving cryptocurrencies. Since the creation of Bitcoin in 2008, cryptocurrencies have begun to make a presence in the world of e-commerce. Cryptography serves as the underlying foundation for Bitcoin, which gives it the benefits of confidentiality, integrity, nonrepudiation and authentication. Having been designed and built upon the foundation of these four objectives makes Bitcoin an attractive alternative to mainstream currency and provides users with the benefits of payment freedom, security, very low fees, and fewer risks for merchants.This presentation brings out the FORENSICS aspects as associated with BITCOINS.

2.  I gave this presentation at DICE-2017

3.  Sharing the copy here for info please to all interested neitizens

4.   Few pics enclosed below :

5.    A small clip from the conference below