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Wednesday, March 02, 2011


1.    This news is bound for only one thing.....a first big dent on Google's untouched Kingdom in the cyber world.There is a reported discord among the Android developers who are irked at Google’s Android Market policies.They have formed the Android Developers Union to protest the policies.The new union has compiled a list of seven demands including renegotiation of the 32pc ‘Google Tax’ on app sales, public bug tracking, algorithmic transparency and increased payment options.They threaten Google that if these demands are not met they will cease development and move their efforts to rival platforms.

2.  "If the demands are not met, we will move our applications to alternative marketplaces or the web, cease Android development in favour of other more open platforms, we will dissuade other developers from developing Android projects, and we will work tirelessly to counter any of Google's hypocritical claims about openness in the media."

3.   This seems to be the first kind of big set back to google who may find loosing an edge in its battle for the smartphone operating system and applications market vis-a-vis Apple and Microsoft.The seven demands of the android union can be seen here...

4.   This writeup does not reflect my views of standing against anyone or supporting anyone but wishes to inform the readers only for info........


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