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Monday, December 29, 2008


1. Read about this lately in one magazine.This is about the 3D TV.From the good old Texla era to the color tv revolution to the flatrons to the LCDs and DLPs,now comes the 3D TV.What is 3D TV?Easy to explain in layman terms....u must have seen few movies on theatre screens with your 3d glasses ON like the Polar Express or Shiva ka insaaf in mid Eighties or the famous kids movie Chota Chetan....the concept is similar...wish to see 3D images on a 3D TV ,you need to wear 3D glasses.

2. Sky's digital satellite broadcast hardware delivered the content to a standard Sky + HD system, which was then played back over a '3D Ready' TV.The technical demonstration lasted for the complete duration of a match that featured the England v New Zealand rugby union test match and the Liverpool FC v Marseille UEFA Champions League match, among others.

3. Sky's 3D system currently requires viewers to wear special glasses, and 3D TV hardware comes at a price not easy to afford as on date. Manufacturers such as Philips have 3D TV technology already and LG will be launching a system next year.

4. I assume that this will be a turning point in broadcasting technolgy once the subject becomes cheap or even just affordable.But the toll of dedicated viewers will take time as it is not only about viewing with 3D glasses but also filming with special 3D TV equipment for a telecast or it far?....who knows.....u cant underestimate the speed of TECHNOLOGY ABSORPTION!!!!

Sunday, December 28, 2008


1. Here's an old thing in a new bottle...i mean old wine with a new meaning altogether.Radio-frequency identification (RFID) as would anyone know is an automatic identification method, relying on storing and remotely retrieving data using devices called RFID tags or transponders.

2. This is not a new invention ..but the usage certainly has made it something like new.The vast usage of RFID 2day includes a big scope from controlling inventory to controlling limited access to vehs and pers to new generation security systems.

3. Big guns of the manufacturing industries across the globe have already exploited the usage of this technology and now the technology is gradually making way in the Indian industry in the form of Daphene systems,ESSL to name a few that come to my mind instantly.

4. The good thing is that even as the technology is introduced to the consumer for the first time,it comes cheap...and i mean dirt cheap.Imagine controlling an inventory of a lakh plus item at just under less then 25 paise per item and now body would ignore at such a low cost in bulk for the benefit of organisation.This would not only maintain the inventory but would also avoid any theft being carried out in some body's this is just the beginning of another technology revoloution...all u guys who keep looking for some technical buzz word...keep a track of this.....


1. Do you believe in murphys law?I have so many instances to recount that murphy works on me.The theorem recently worked on me when i travelled from jalandhar to amritsar along my FIL & MIL(Father & mother in law ...) in my wagon r duo.

2. The aim was to start,with a top up lpg tank in car, start from jalandhar at 1100h,reach golden temple by 1300h,have darshan and reach wagah by 1600h...and start return at around 1830h from wagah back to jalanadhar,and reach back by 2100h ,looks perfectly fine w.r.t the road conditions and time limit....what was to follow is the result of what happens when u strike murphy.

3. I m a proud owner of a wagon r duo that works on both petrol & lpg.So as we started on the journey i decided to topup the lpg tank from the only source near me so that journey could become economical.As i reached the HPCL outlet,i was told that LPG is out of stock and i would have to wait fr a day to get a economical drive.Marta kya na karta,,,,i started with a khula kuch nahee hota....let it be petrol......and travelled 25 km ahead...i met visibility DHUND and with a lot of driving skills and maneuvering i reached amritsar by 1430h....and i met the jaam of as to reach golden temple by 1545h........the line of devotees at the gurdwara could put to shame  a european football world cup stadium we paid our devotion from heart outside only and started race for wagah.

4.  Again we met the dedicated traffic jam,normal rush,lots of dhundh and fog on way to wagah and successfuly reached wagah at 1710h...2 c public rushing back as the drill parade concluded for the day...but FIL insisted that he would atleast c the gate of pakistan and their much excited was he that he rushed ahead manuevring the public against the direction....he finally saw the gate ....saw the pak sentries....and returned back...but ye kya hua...."BETA MERA BATAUA GAYAB........."then followed our grieveinces and sympathy for the FIL/papa/ that was the act by a smart jeb it was 1750h and we decided to rush back as we were getting late already........

5. Suddenly the responsible damaad realised that lunch kab hoga.....but it was 2 we decided for an early dinner.......but the visibility was 2 2 2 tooo low to even think of snailing to jalandhar....and then the good thing happened...the head light of the car focussed on a officers mess board on the wagah road.....and we decided to stay put their for the night.The deal of the day concluded.

6. We started next day after 1100h and reached in 3 hrs scawling thru the tough foggy conditions......THANX MURPHY....Do i blame murphy or my planning?

Saturday, December 27, 2008


1. I have been an avid follower of this utility since using 2007 when i used this first as TuneUp 2007 which got followed by Tune up 2008.And recently tuneup 2009 has been launched.There was a mark difference between the 2007 and 2008 versions.But the recent one has come as a small disappointment.The same face lookup,the same color template with no new features except the one finding out automatic diagnostics for ur computer setup.Either i m too early to comment on this or may be i m little harsh in saying that.

2. The main features include Intelligent recommendations for your unique PC optimization, Identifies your personal settings and protects them,Highlights your PC’s optimization potential, including unused programs and resource-draining settings and the best is the Recommendation options which explains performance results before taking any action.

3. So thats all new which is there in this version.Baaki,all the earlier features maintain status quo at their respective tabs and positions.

Ghazal maestro in making

This link will definitely make u smile....thats a promise


Life 2 day is veri cannot have spare time lest you get some leave...i m speaking about the balance between time u give to ur parivaar and ur so ever smart u will never be able to make a perfect give more time 2 ur profession u get stuck with the family...and u give more time to family u will start hearing that u r not iss ka ek he solution mann kare vo karo......jab bv roye to ghar is priority and when boss demands....then company becomes priority.......and when both demand then prefer 2 sleep.....baaki own time is evenly booked 2.

Friday, December 26, 2008


1. How to deliver presentation?Presentation is an art that cannot come overnight,it is ur personality whn u stand there that blends with the subject matter on how u give it.The same set of slides in a presentation given by two different persons will make a different impact all together as and when the presentation gets finished.

2. One has to be exactly reach the podium with a free mind and a clear aim on what he has to speak,what is his scope and what is he going to speak about.Now for a presentation,the presenter need not be an expert on that topic,but he should be aware of tits & bits,he should be ready to take on questions for which he is not prepared from the audience on how is he going to answer them.He should avoid speaking even a word on which he is unsure and he is not confident to take on.

3. Another important aspect is the word humour.To involve the audience in the presentation,the humour has to b a crucial part of any presentation.Now i dont mean that humour includes putting some funny slides or poking out few good/bad/dirty jokes for the sake of it.It again depends on the audience,if it is a mass audience u should be happy since mass involves every type of people,thus u can have a choice between ur insertions or what u plan to speak to make them involved and if it is restricted audience or a small group of people u should be able to gauge the background they have in common and insert suitable humour likewise.It is left to you how u make the audience smile anyhow.Ask them something that they can easily take on without getting embarassed.Include a surprise in some form.Example if u have to give a presentation which is likely to be more than 10 minutes(....which mostly are!!!!)...insert a 5 sec movie clip...may b some jackie chan quick action bashing or amitabh from deewar in the mandir scene....rajnikanth with flying ciggarete etc etc etc....the scope is aplenty....just catch the audience by surprise and tell them...that was just to evoke some interest....or take out a tennis ball from ur pocket and throw it to a person in the audience who is a little known to you or even not known will do and ask him to catch.....or do ask me more on such ideas...AUDIENCE IS THE KEY ALWAYS...YOU HAVE TO GAUGE THEM PRIOR TO GIVING THE PRESENTATION....these ideas will certainly look WAGUE/IDIOTIC/STUPID at first glance....but i have tried them all....and i have met with success.....i love giving presentations....

4. One just need to get in love with this art once,i have seen this.....u get in once...and u will not be able to come out of this.You will start waiting for opportunities wherein you would get an opportunity to give a presentation unlike the otherway round most of the times..will keep adding more in days 2 come....


By god this life is really beautiful and complex,the best thing is the relationships that we have here.Today for the 100000th time i had a fight with my only half and it is still on,the small ego's of ladies,the small MANhood inside evry man....and when they is good 2 eye 2 talks,pin drop silence maintained at home,kitchen is the most seems udhar barsoon se koi jaata vaata nahee hai....apna apna khana...apna apna peena....mian gets busy on his on her soaps(star plus and what not).......and the environment looks like 2 continue for eternity...since koi kum nahee hai...ek se badhkar ek hain....phir suddenly ek din kisi ek kee rooh jagegi aur bolegi bahut hua...chal normal hoja...and life starts again with a promise kee hum dono ek hain...aaagey se koi ladaaai nahee....we r waiting for the busy with lap top!!!!


I am sure you would all have recieved all types of spam mails at one time or the other on daily,weekly or on some periodic basis.Now there is an interesting thing about these spam mails.When you recieve a mail and you declare it as spam,it goes to your spam box which you keep clearing every now and then.Any time you try reading any such mails you would often come across “TO UNSUBSRIBE CLICK HERE”.Here is the trick of the spam generator.Any time you click this you confirm to the spammer that this is an active e-mail id.This way though you may unsubscribe the spam from that particular spammer but the spammer gets to know that yours is an active email id and he sells…..i REPEAT….he sells your email id to another spammer with the guarantee that yours is an active email id or a genuine email id.Most of the spammers…i mean the originators send the spam mails to randomly computer software generated email id’s and of these all when u click from your particular id to unsubscribe they get to know that one of these email id’s is genuine and active.Hence the more you unsubscribe the more you get subscribed to.So friends….dont unsubscribe….!!!!!!