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Sunday, December 28, 2008


1. Do you believe in murphys law?I have so many instances to recount that murphy works on me.The theorem recently worked on me when i travelled from jalandhar to amritsar along my FIL & MIL(Father & mother in law ...) in my wagon r duo.

2. The aim was to start,with a top up lpg tank in car, start from jalandhar at 1100h,reach golden temple by 1300h,have darshan and reach wagah by 1600h...and start return at around 1830h from wagah back to jalanadhar,and reach back by 2100h ,looks perfectly fine w.r.t the road conditions and time limit....what was to follow is the result of what happens when u strike murphy.

3. I m a proud owner of a wagon r duo that works on both petrol & lpg.So as we started on the journey i decided to topup the lpg tank from the only source near me so that journey could become economical.As i reached the HPCL outlet,i was told that LPG is out of stock and i would have to wait fr a day to get a economical drive.Marta kya na karta,,,,i started with a khula kuch nahee hota....let it be petrol......and travelled 25 km ahead...i met visibility DHUND and with a lot of driving skills and maneuvering i reached amritsar by 1430h....and i met the jaam of as to reach golden temple by 1545h........the line of devotees at the gurdwara could put to shame  a european football world cup stadium we paid our devotion from heart outside only and started race for wagah.

4.  Again we met the dedicated traffic jam,normal rush,lots of dhundh and fog on way to wagah and successfuly reached wagah at 1710h...2 c public rushing back as the drill parade concluded for the day...but FIL insisted that he would atleast c the gate of pakistan and their much excited was he that he rushed ahead manuevring the public against the direction....he finally saw the gate ....saw the pak sentries....and returned back...but ye kya hua...."BETA MERA BATAUA GAYAB........."then followed our grieveinces and sympathy for the FIL/papa/ that was the act by a smart jeb it was 1750h and we decided to rush back as we were getting late already........

5. Suddenly the responsible damaad realised that lunch kab hoga.....but it was 2 we decided for an early dinner.......but the visibility was 2 2 2 tooo low to even think of snailing to jalandhar....and then the good thing happened...the head light of the car focussed on a officers mess board on the wagah road.....and we decided to stay put their for the night.The deal of the day concluded.

6. We started next day after 1100h and reached in 3 hrs scawling thru the tough foggy conditions......THANX MURPHY....Do i blame murphy or my planning?


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