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Friday, December 26, 2008


1. How to deliver presentation?Presentation is an art that cannot come overnight,it is ur personality whn u stand there that blends with the subject matter on how u give it.The same set of slides in a presentation given by two different persons will make a different impact all together as and when the presentation gets finished.

2. One has to be exactly reach the podium with a free mind and a clear aim on what he has to speak,what is his scope and what is he going to speak about.Now for a presentation,the presenter need not be an expert on that topic,but he should be aware of tits & bits,he should be ready to take on questions for which he is not prepared from the audience on how is he going to answer them.He should avoid speaking even a word on which he is unsure and he is not confident to take on.

3. Another important aspect is the word humour.To involve the audience in the presentation,the humour has to b a crucial part of any presentation.Now i dont mean that humour includes putting some funny slides or poking out few good/bad/dirty jokes for the sake of it.It again depends on the audience,if it is a mass audience u should be happy since mass involves every type of people,thus u can have a choice between ur insertions or what u plan to speak to make them involved and if it is restricted audience or a small group of people u should be able to gauge the background they have in common and insert suitable humour likewise.It is left to you how u make the audience smile anyhow.Ask them something that they can easily take on without getting embarassed.Include a surprise in some form.Example if u have to give a presentation which is likely to be more than 10 minutes(....which mostly are!!!!)...insert a 5 sec movie clip...may b some jackie chan quick action bashing or amitabh from deewar in the mandir scene....rajnikanth with flying ciggarete etc etc etc....the scope is aplenty....just catch the audience by surprise and tell them...that was just to evoke some interest....or take out a tennis ball from ur pocket and throw it to a person in the audience who is a little known to you or even not known will do and ask him to catch.....or do ask me more on such ideas...AUDIENCE IS THE KEY ALWAYS...YOU HAVE TO GAUGE THEM PRIOR TO GIVING THE PRESENTATION....these ideas will certainly look WAGUE/IDIOTIC/STUPID at first glance....but i have tried them all....and i have met with success.....i love giving presentations....

4. One just need to get in love with this art once,i have seen this.....u get in once...and u will not be able to come out of this.You will start waiting for opportunities wherein you would get an opportunity to give a presentation unlike the otherway round most of the times..will keep adding more in days 2 come....


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