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Monday, December 29, 2008


1. Read about this lately in one magazine.This is about the 3D TV.From the good old Texla era to the color tv revolution to the flatrons to the LCDs and DLPs,now comes the 3D TV.What is 3D TV?Easy to explain in layman terms....u must have seen few movies on theatre screens with your 3d glasses ON like the Polar Express or Shiva ka insaaf in mid Eighties or the famous kids movie Chota Chetan....the concept is similar...wish to see 3D images on a 3D TV ,you need to wear 3D glasses.

2. Sky's digital satellite broadcast hardware delivered the content to a standard Sky + HD system, which was then played back over a '3D Ready' TV.The technical demonstration lasted for the complete duration of a match that featured the England v New Zealand rugby union test match and the Liverpool FC v Marseille UEFA Champions League match, among others.

3. Sky's 3D system currently requires viewers to wear special glasses, and 3D TV hardware comes at a price not easy to afford as on date. Manufacturers such as Philips have 3D TV technology already and LG will be launching a system next year.

4. I assume that this will be a turning point in broadcasting technolgy once the subject becomes cheap or even just affordable.But the toll of dedicated viewers will take time as it is not only about viewing with 3D glasses but also filming with special 3D TV equipment for a telecast or it far?....who knows.....u cant underestimate the speed of TECHNOLOGY ABSORPTION!!!!


  1. Interesting stuff Anupam. Do you think this technology can enter Indian market in the next few years? Given that the entry of satellite TV has recently started and HD is nowhere on the horizon, I think it'll take sometime before we can see this in our living rooms. That said, IPTV is something that's gaining a lot of traction and with the high broadband adoption rates, that technology definitely would be sustainable. Thoughts?

  2. yes dear nikhil,the regime of 3d tv will have a restricted viewing in this country where the concept is still unknown to most of the country men.How many would be able to recount the three movies shiva ka insaaf,ploar express,chota chetan when i mention 3d movies earlier.So this will remain confined to the luxury lanes of 5 star hotels and privileged corporate giants offices...and yes u said it correct the introduction of IPTV which has been recently introduced in INDIA will send shivers down the airtel/sky/dish tv lot when they compare the tariff and running expenditures!!!