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Friday, December 26, 2008


I am sure you would all have recieved all types of spam mails at one time or the other on daily,weekly or on some periodic basis.Now there is an interesting thing about these spam mails.When you recieve a mail and you declare it as spam,it goes to your spam box which you keep clearing every now and then.Any time you try reading any such mails you would often come across “TO UNSUBSRIBE CLICK HERE”.Here is the trick of the spam generator.Any time you click this you confirm to the spammer that this is an active e-mail id.This way though you may unsubscribe the spam from that particular spammer but the spammer gets to know that yours is an active email id and he sells…..i REPEAT….he sells your email id to another spammer with the guarantee that yours is an active email id or a genuine email id.Most of the spammers…i mean the originators send the spam mails to randomly computer software generated email id’s and of these all when u click from your particular id to unsubscribe they get to know that one of these email id’s is genuine and active.Hence the more you unsubscribe the more you get subscribed to.So friends….dont unsubscribe….!!!!!!


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