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Friday, December 26, 2008


By god this life is really beautiful and complex,the best thing is the relationships that we have here.Today for the 100000th time i had a fight with my only half and it is still on,the small ego's of ladies,the small MANhood inside evry man....and when they is good 2 eye 2 talks,pin drop silence maintained at home,kitchen is the most seems udhar barsoon se koi jaata vaata nahee hai....apna apna khana...apna apna peena....mian gets busy on his on her soaps(star plus and what not).......and the environment looks like 2 continue for eternity...since koi kum nahee hai...ek se badhkar ek hain....phir suddenly ek din kisi ek kee rooh jagegi aur bolegi bahut hua...chal normal hoja...and life starts again with a promise kee hum dono ek hain...aaagey se koi ladaaai nahee....we r waiting for the busy with lap top!!!!


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