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Sunday, April 03, 2011

The weak password problem : Now solved????

1.    We are part of the first phase of IT revolution across the globe where every thing is happening....methods to secure...methods to hack....stronger and powerful servers....patching vulnerabilities....fighting malware....analysing stuxnets genre...and what not....every thing is the following text (org from opens another dimension to make the passwords secure.....

"Vulnerabilities related to weak passwords are a pressing global economic and security issue. We report a novel, simple, and effective approach to address the weak password problem. Building upon chaotic dynamics, criticality at phase transitions, CAPTCHA recognition, and computational round-off errors we design an algorithm that strengthens security of passwords. The core idea of our method is to split a long and secure password into two components. The first component is memorized by the user. The second component is transformed into a CAPTCHA image and then protected using evolution of a two-dimensional dynamical system close to a phase transition, in such a way that standard brute-force attacks become ineffective. We expect our approach to have wide applications for authentication and encryption technologies."

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