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Monday, June 13, 2011


1.   I am sure most of you at at some point of time in your cyber surfing would have come across chat/messenging softwares like MSN or yahoo to mention a although pretty old for the regular security guys, but thought of mentioning it here in my blog of how many of us succumb to the meanly desires of hackers via FLIRT BOTS.....u heard it correctly they are known as FLIRT BOTS.... 

2.  Here's how Flirt Bots work:

- The Bot strikes up a conversation in a chat room

- The Bots use a series of easily configurable "dialogue scenarios" with pre-programmed questions and discussion topics to compile a report on every person it meets

E.g.: says: "hey, whats up?" and further to this conversation they are invited to visit a website which could be used for any variety of malicious activity.

E.g.: says: "Ok go to http://??????.??/?????? and accept the invite on the page baby"

3.   In this case the victim is sent to a website "?????????.com" and is asked to provide personal information including credit card details in order to view the "webcam."

4.   The site can be used for many things - to host malicious downloads, or to try to sell you Fake AntiVirus software. The URL can do and host whatever the "bot master" specifies it to be .Frequently cyber-criminals collect a database of personal information and sell it to the highest bidder or anyone who will pay

5.   These "Flirt Bots", were first reported as a proof of concept(Evidence that demonstrates that a business model or idea is feasible.) by PC Tools in 2007.Thanks


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