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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Debunking Myths about Computers

Friends here is one guest post by Sean, a Senior Op Ed Columnist for the readers

Computers are amazing machines. I think even those of us who are embittered against our PCs for freezing up a few days ago can agree on that. Something that is equally striking is the human capacity for gullibility. There are a lot of supposed "facts" that people accept about PCs and computers in general that are actually nothing more than hearsay or complete poppycock. If you don't believe us, check for yourself. You can get a deal with an HP Coupon, pick up a fresh new computer, and run some tests for your own satisfaction. Honest! We're not making this stuff up.  

Remember way back when you owned your first computer — maybe it was an IBM — and you were afraid to have it anywhere near anything magnetic? You went so far as to put it on the opposite side of the house from the refrigerator because you were afraid that the I <3 New York magnet would suck the life out of your PC? Yeah. You didn't need to do that. While it is true that old floppy discs were quite susceptible to magnetic damage, computers and modern storage devices like USB drives or SD cards are safe around magnets. 

There is also the ever-present debate about the health risks of high computer usage. Sure sitting in front of a screen all day munching Doritos is probably not a great way to train for the Olympics, but any health risks from that have little to do with computers and a lot to do with your personal diet. There is no evidence that computer screens emit enough harmful radiation to even be detected in a test, much less adversely affect human beings. Next time you read an online report about some inconclusive study, you can laugh to yourself and reach for another chip comfortably. 


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