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Monday, June 09, 2014

Google joins the ENCRYPTION Race : End-to-End Extension

1.    After Snowden leaks,one thing that has been most sought after is privacy and encryption and there have been a horde of tools and extensions that offer u the same vide many companies.Like in the last mail I mentioned about PROTONMAIL,there is another one in the offering from the horses mouth Google offering an extension by the name of End-to-End extension...that
means data leaving your browser will be encrypted until the message’s intended recipient decrypts it, and that similarly encrypted messages sent to you will remain that way until you decrypt them in your browser.It’s a Chrome extension intended for users who need additional security.

2.    Though it is not yet available since still in Alpha stage but as per the Google blog at,it is likely to be available soon for all chrome browser users as an extension.Google wants to make it harder to spy on email by encouraging maximum providers to adopt server-to-server encryption. The new tool is based on OpenPGP and is meant to be a more user-friendly encryption option than programs such as PGP, which can be difficult to configure and use.
3.   So till it options other then to wait.....


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