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Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Harden your LinkedIn Settings : A Necessity Now

Most of us are part of various Social Engineering Sites and keep updating ourselves via status updates, pictures and tweeting small life updates. Related Privacy and Security issues in respect of these social engineering sites available is already a serious concern among users. Additionally for these all social engineering sites/applications whether accessible on a desktop or a mobile, we all are not so serious responding and interacting but that’s the difference when we see viz-a-viz LinkedIn. When it is LinkedIn…we are mostly serious…no jokes, no clips, no tagging, no personal comments, no WOWs…it’s all professional. And when most of us take it seriously, we also feed serious inputs on it. But do we take necessary precautions too?...I have mostly seen a negated curve amongst my friend circle….hardly anyone has spared time to configure LinkedIn Privacy and Security settings. In this post I bring you out basic and necessary configuration steps involved to harden your LinkedIn interface to the world.


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