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Sunday, July 05, 2015

Whatsapp Chat History : How to avoid chat backing up?

1.    WhatsApp has been one of the revolutionary social networking application on the lines of various past hits like Facebook,one time orkut etc and today has a huge user base in billions exchanging all kinds of official,unofficial,personal chat kind of communications.Off course keeping a backup of all these chats is sometimes essential and in few cases for whatever reasons of the user base it is not required....the users wanna refrain from backing up anywhere any kind of tell tale signs to be recovered...Although I have seen people ensuring themselves deleting the chat as it happens but that’s not a technically sound way to ensure nothing is being backed up

2.   For those who want to ensure a back up ...Daily at 0400 am the Whatsapp Auto backup is taken by the app itself so no need to worry for this and if you switch off or activate flight mode at night then one might need to take manual backup.For those who do not want any backup , a simple procedure as shown below will ensure a blank backup.

3.   Goto your Android application screen and search for MyFiles :

Choose the location where you have the default whatsapp my case the default saving location is internal sd card.Click this and you look for the Whatsapp folder.

Further go inside Whatsapp folder and look for Databases....delete every thing inside this before 0400 cycle comes again.That should the 0400 cycle backups the entire thing but defacto there is nothing to upload and backup.