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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Whonix : Debian GNU/Linux based Security-focused Linux distribution

1.     Even if one is not doing anything wrong, he is being watched and recorded in real time as Edward Snowden revealed few years back. Most Internet users value online anonymity, with majority saying they have taken steps to remove or mask their digital footprints, and  reporting that they have taken steps to avoid being observed by specific people, organizations, or governments.Whonix is a Debian GNU/Linux based security-focused Linux distribution which aims to provide privacy, security and anonymity on the internet. The operating system consists of two virtual machines, a "Workstation" and a Tor "Gateway", running Debian GNU/Linux. All communications are forced through the Tor network.This post gives you screen-shots of installation and execution of the virtual appliances involved.

2.    The Gateway VM is responsible for running Tor, and has two virtual network interfaces. One of these is connected to the outside Internet via NAT on the VM host, and is used to communicate with Tor relays. The other is connected to a virtual LAN that runs entirely inside the host.

3.    The Workstation VM runs user applications and is connected only to the internal virtual LAN, and can directly communicate only with the Gateway, which forces all traffic coming from the Workstation to pass through the Tor network. The Workstation VM can "see" only IP addresses on the Internal LAN, which are the same in every Whonix installation.

4.  Download the two virtual machines ie the Gateway and the workstation from

5.   Once you download the two machines as above from the link in reference,the following screen-shots will assist you in installation of the same.The two downloaded files are seen below : 
Instead of typically creating a virtual machine and then mounting a vdi,in this case more simply we have to just import the .ova appliance,rest is in auto mode.
Agree to the T&C
Will take few minutes loading
Agree again
Import appliance of the workstation
So u have two machines in the virtualbox console as seen in the bottom two listing below :
Just click both with the start button...and the machine start

Updated TOR download

Here we see the IP address relating to Budapest Hungary....and thats surely not the user....:-)


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