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Thursday, February 26, 2009

IT ostracized!!!!!

1.         Few days back a petition was filed at the Bombay High Court calling for a ban on Google Earth citing that terrorists used this mapping service to plan attacks on key emplacements in Mumbai, on 26/11. It reminded me of a similar instance of army wherein few years back Pen Drives were banned following some breach of security information.

2.         “ Mindset” comes as the key to such pudden-head and dullard bans. Such Mindset is linked to the low IQ and literacy level of such decision seekers. I have also read articles wherein similar bans were asked for WiFi connectivity at various places.Now moving on these lines I have a few sample bans which should also be taken care of to eliminate security breach:

a.         Why not ban manufacturing Vehicles in which the terrorists or the offender moved from the source          location to the destination location quickly?

b.         Why not ban mobile phones across India so that they cannot plan further?

c.         Why not ban manufacturing or accessing computers in this country owing to which all this is taking place?

d.         Why not ban manufacturing Guns/Rifles and ammunition?

e.         Why not simply ban INTERNET in India?

3.         So why just pendrives or google earth? It is indeed staggering the way decisions are being made and sought in this country. It wouldn’t come as a surprise to me if access to Google Earth is banned in this region in some time.

4.         What we actually need is to find a way out to tackle these…elimination is not the solution.

5.         The IT quotient of aam aadmi (which indeed hold the majority) needs to actually improve before it gets too late.Be it the defence or the civil.Till the time the defence General saab knows what can be more lethal then pen drive,till the time judge saab of the court knows what power IT holds today…what decision will he be able to make?However big they may be in terms of respectable positions and appointments,they would still form the TAO group(harayana wala) who still believe ke bhayaa ye computer shamputer kuch na karkey dega…karna sabko khud padega…………!!!!!!!


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