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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Download video from Magazines/Billboard: MMCC

1.         Imagination is one key to success today. Had we never imagined things, things would not have come up as they have today.Today I read this article on InfoTech Tab about Mobile Multi-Colour Composite (MMCC) 2D-Barcode.Now it looks like just another IT dictionary term which has a complex name but a simple function and utility. It goes like this……

 2.         Ideate(…means imagine) a magazine with an advertisement of a mobile phone manufacturer with a bar code printed something like inset. From this bar code, can u think of downloading ringtones, product info, Video? Can you? Puzzled, I am sure. This has no more remained a subset of imaginativeness, it has become unfeigned today with this technology, which is known as Mobile Multi-Colour Composite (MMCC) 2D-Barcode

3.         The MMCC is a color 2D barcode designed for storing high capacity data on printed media and displays, tailor made for camera mobile phone applications. Using the MMCC, the user can retrieve digital content to their camera mobile phone directly from the barcode by capturing an image of the barcode and decoding it on their mobile. According to the scientists, by taking a photo of the barcode, users can download complex information, such as videos, voice recordings or text, instantly to their mobile.

4.         Why named 2D Bar code ? 2D means 'two dimensional'. 2D barcodes comprise more information than conventional one dimensional linear barcodes. Conventional barcodes get wider as more data is encoded. 2D barcodes make use of the vertical dimension to pack in more data. Data is encoded in both the horizontal and vertical dimensions. As more data is encoded the size of the barcode can be increased in both the horizontal and vertical directions thus maintaining a doable shape for easy scanning.

 5.         Advantage of 1D over 2D : Although 1D barcodes hold a more belittled amount of data it is 'spread' over the whole height of the barcode. The barcode contains a high degree of redundancy. This means the barcode can be read even with considerable degradation. If your application needs only a few characters (up to about 15) then a 1D barcode is probably the best solution. Increasing the height of a 1D barcode does not increase its capacity but it does increase its redundancy thus making it more resistant to abasement and obliteration and making it easier to scan.

6. In Japan the 2D Barcode has even been placed on Billboards(picture inset).[Source:] 

The visitor takes a picture of the Barcode on the Billboard and their phone brings up more information about the deceased person, pictures of them or any other content the family or pre-deceased and now occupant so chooses. In spain they are being used to contain detailed train maps to make travel easier and most interestingly in a recent Holland Inovation Fair placed a code on each visitor’s badge and each presentor’s tent. The visitors didn’t have to exchange business cards if they wanted to learn more about eachother’s ideas. They simply scanned the other person’s barcode and their information was sent to their cellphone through SMS.

 7.         As on date, Bartender comes as one of the leading software’s in creating 2D barcodes.I could not find any thing on the price aspect as to how much it costs today. So next what? Download something from your news paper or download movie trailers from movie magazines……grrrrrrrr8……Future is bright…………. For now keep waiting till the technology reaches your doorstep.


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  2. i have it scand whit my mobile: it`s back on dvd september 10th