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Tuesday, March 17, 2009


1. Any time we wish to take  a printout of clicked pics from our camera,what do we do?Either insert the memory stick directly into the card reader of lap top/pc or we connect thru the regular interface cable.In both the cases,we need to have a computer as a via media.So to kill this form factor,PictBridge has arrived.Whats PictBridge? on....

2. PictBridge is a technology that was created to allow the user to transfer pictures from a camera phone (or digital still camera) to a printer without a PC or image-editing software. PictBridge makes printing digital photos easier and more accessible. A number of manufacturers have direct printing  methods on the market today. The drawback is that some of these direct printing methods are proprietary, which means that you can only print your pictures when everything is provided by the same manufacturer.Its formal name is "Standard of Camera & Imaging Products Association CIPA DC-001 — 2003 Digital Solutions for Imaging Devices".

3. PictBridge is typically implemented using Universal Serial Bus ports and the USB protocol. PictBridge-capable printers typically have a USB Type A receptacle which is then connected by cable to the USB port of a PictBridge-capable digital camera (typically a Type Mini-B). The user then uses the camera to select the pictures to print, which the printer then retrieves from the camera and prints. 

4. The good thing is that it is not just limited to printing from Camera's,it can be a mobile which is PictBridge enabled.The limitation to use this is both the devices have to be PictBridge enabled.As on date most of the high end Canon brand models are supporting this PictBridge.Just like Lightscribe logo the PictBridge too has its small green label as shown in set.

5. Just a start on the right road.......FUTURE IS BRIGHT...for now we have to bear with limitations and enjoy what we have.


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