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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

E mail a Web Page :

1. This one also comes as a pretty handy tool when u expect your friends to open a web page by clicking the link you had sent to them on e-mail.It may open....and it may not open....the thing is ensured and guaranteed if u use the feature given at

2. A few advantages this will be able to ensure are :

- will saves your recipients time by not making them click a link to read your web page. For busy people, this improves the likelihood that they will read the linked web page.

- All scripts and dynamic elements of a web page is stripped out. This protects your recipients from popups and other annoying activity that may be malicious.

- Allows you to email a page to someone who doesn't have access to the the web page (either because the page was dynamically generated or the page is password-protected.)
- Today's web is more dynamic than ever and web pages are changing all the time. By emailing the entire web page, you ensure that your recipient is seeing the same web page as you—even if the original web page is changed.

- Many people need to have a archive record of a web page and use.

3. I have tried the same and find it pretty need to have a new account or you can simply access the same using your Google/Gmail account.


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