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Friday, September 11, 2009

SATA 1.0 vs SATA 2.0 vs SATA 3.0 : The hunger for speed

1. Today technology runs faster then u blink. Today when someone has not even come to terms from IDE TO SATA 1.0 and when mostly have not even heard of SATA 2.0,in comes with a bigul siren SATA 3.0.YESSSSS!!!!with a whooping 6 Gb/Sec, and a range of new features for bandwidth intensive users, a much rapider future lies ahead. SATA 3 is bound to increase the interface speed but to fully realize its potential the viscera of a hard drive need to get quicker. 

2.   SATA 3 introduces changes including "a new Native Command Queuing (NCQ) streaming command to enable isochronous data transfers for bandwidth-hungry audio and video applications, better power management, and the connection mechanism for compact devices with connectors designed for the smaller 7mm optical drives in laptops and a Low Insertion Force connector for 1.8-inch drives.

3. Thanks Digit again!!!!


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