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Sunday, October 25, 2009

RDM : Rival for BLU RAY?

1. Even before Blu ray product's have been able to reach the consumer,a new rival by the name of RDM( short for Royal Digital Media) has come out with HD VMD(Versatile Multilayer Disc) and CH-DVD(China Blue High-definition Disc) -- all set to tittupp into town to challange BLU Ray. Royal Digital Media has introduced its bona fide Blu-ray rival... while casually forgetting to name it. These "high-definition discs" will be able to store up to 100GB and will boast military-grade encryption. RDM's format "will transform perceptions of high-definition," as it is able to "display the next generation of high-definition: 1920p."


2. DreamStream is the first company to implement a 2,048-bit encryption in consumer media. AES encryption, used in Sony's Blu-ray discs, relies on only a 128-bit system. 

3. For consumers, RDM's increase in storage capacity allows for a single disc to hold approximately four hours of video content at 1920p resolution. 

4. Because RDM's system is based on inexpensive red laser technology, their players are expected to sell for much less than Sony's, which routinely sell for hundreds of dollars. The retail prices for RDM's players and discs are expected to "equal those of the traditional DVD format, greatly undercutting Blu-ray," .

5. RDM's technology can be implemented into existing DVD production processes through the integration of a proprietary software and firmware system. The only potential hardware modification is, "at most, the simple replacement of a single chip," said Levich. As such, existing DVD manufacturers will be able to integrate RDM's technology with only minor modifications to their production processes. 

6. RDM's players are backwards compatible and able to read traditional CDs and DVDs. Moreover, an innovation in data processing enables RDM's players to "drastically enhance the playback quality of regular DVD content," said Diebel. 

7. The incorporation of DreamStream's encryption into RDM's system will thwart the piracy of digital content. The content of RDM's discs will only be able to be read by RDM's players. Thus, ensuring that the content cannot be copied and illegally distributed. Will it really? many claims till date on such issues have been found cracked a day after launch…well for now ALL THE BEST for the new BLU ray rival.

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