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Sunday, October 25, 2009


1. Kindle has finally reached the shores of Hindustan.For those of you,who are puzzled of what KINDLE is all about  what be able to judge a fair idea from the pics below.An e book storage and reading device. 

2. Capable of  wirelessly downloading  books, magazines, newspapers and personal documents ,the Kindle screen has no backlight, so it doesn't give out the glare a normal screen would. The navigation is fairly simple and all the text content is custom formatted.  

3. The device features a 2,50,000 word dictionary that can be accessed independently to look up a word, or from within text. It can also play MP3 but the quality of sound takes rating  this on the back foot.The  battery life that comes due to the electronic ink display. On a single charge it can last up to two weeks without the wireless network on. And 2-4 days with wireless! 

 4. Indian users can avail of a catalogue of 2,80,000 books, each downloaded in about a minute over 3G GSM or EDGE. There are no data charges for downloading a book, the service for which is provided globally by AT&T and its international partners.  

5. Kindle is weighs around 290 grams, almost the weight of advanced mobile phones. The display specifications include 6″ diagonal E-Ink® electronic paper display, 600 x 800 pixel resolution at 167 ppi, 16-level gray scale. The Kindle offers  2Gb of Memory Storage though 1.4Gb would be available to the user and they dont have to connect it to a PC if they need to transfer ebooks because it has inbuilt 3G connectivity & Wi-Fi connectivity. 

6. However, the Kindle does not have any sort of content filtration or rating system, so there is the risk of mature content being easily accessible to minors. So, will the Kindle tinkle in India? Well a few things go against it. First is the price tag …sources put it at about Rs 20,000/-.

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