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Monday, February 01, 2010

IP Spoofing : Legal Acceptance in India?

1. I have been reading about this term for many years,have known about what it is through various sites,read about types of IP spoofing incl Blind Spoofing,Non blind spoofing etc.One question that started me trying reach out details of this term was "WHY IS IT AVAILABLE?"What is the aim intended in spoofing an IP?Is it solely MALICIOUS?

2. Indian IT Act 2000 followed by amendments ie IIA 2006,IIA 2008 have not mentioned any thing on this surprisingly!!Is it legal to use this for any reason?Recently I tried one third party software for this to check out effectivity of this.As per the option available in this software I configured this to changing IP address every 8 minutes.Then after it started I checked out my IP address from 4 sites including, etc.And yes!!! one minute I was shown in USA and the other minute I was in Netherland followed by Russia,China etc.If a script kid like me can do this what can a professional person intended with malicious intention can do.

3. Remember the Mumbai Blast episode wherein the email sent to the police were tracked only with the help of IP address.God forbid,he knew of such tricks what would have we tracked out?

4. I will request any reader to just add his views or enlighten me on this!!


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