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Thursday, February 18, 2010


1. Two approximately similar names but with poles apart function and reason to exist.If ever you have tried cleaning or accessing an infected pen drive you must have come across these names in the file names list.I would just try and make the difference clear in brief below.

2. SCVHOST.EXE is a process which is registered as W32/Agobot-S virus. This Trojan allows attackers to access your computer from remote locations, stealing passwords, Internet banking and personal data. This process is a security risk and should be removed from your system.

3. SVCHOST.EXE is located in the System32 folder and is an built-in part of Windows OS. It cannot be stopped or restarted manually. This process manages 32-bit DLLs and other services. At startup, Svchost.exe checks the services portion of the registry and constructs a list of services that it needs to load. Under normal conditions, multiple instances of Svchost.exe will be running simultaneously. Each Svchost.exe session can contain a grouping of services, so that many services can be run depending on how and where Svchost.exe is started. This allows for better control and debugging.

4. I hope this amply makes the difference clear


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