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Friday, August 13, 2010

TROJANs & BANK: Another story

1. Hard working hackers have recieved more then 700,000 pounds from thousands of bank accounts in Britain using a malicious software which claimants say is the deadliest,brutaliest(whats this???)trojan attack ever seen....

2. More then 4,000 online banking customers have found themselves as unwanted customers of this deal by hackers which empties their accounts while showing them fake statements so the crime goes undetected.This trojan is being termed and guessed as a variant of the Zeus trojan banking virus called Zeus v3. This is capable of collecting data such as passwords and even transfers money out of accounts automatically.

3. Beware ...nothing of this scale has happened till date in INDIA...why....because poor dont have much money and the rich keep and talk cash


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