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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


1.    In todays shrinking world when we hear of merger of giants...its part of normal breaking news which hardly puts together rolling eyeballs 7 pop ups ....But this one is slightly different or if not different it is really BIGGGGGGG.This is about merger of fantabulous phone hardware NOKIA and the operating system giant MICROSOFT coming toether to produce and try beating the phones across?

2.    The deal which was in the rumour rounds already went much ahead of the effect, Nokia is handing over its future - in smartphones at least - to Microsoft and Windows Phone 7.  That means Good bye & Happy journey Symbian . So can the combo really become the third horse in the race, giving Apple and Android a run for their money ?I have my doubts....

3.    Crux of the acquisition pointwise listed below :

- Nokia to embrace Windows Phone as its principal smartphone.
- Nokia to contribute its expertise on hardware design, language support.
- Both would closely collaborate on joint marketing initiatives .
- Bing would power Nokia’s search services(nobodys guess!!!)

- Nokia Maps would be a core part of Microsoft’s mapping services.

4.    Just to mention,a year earlier when this merger was being talked about, was once declared an april fools rumour. And now about a year later it is on official Microsoft site.Thanks Microsoft site for info


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