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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

DATA STORAGE IN BACTERIA : 9,00,000 GB stored in 1 gm of Bacteria

1.  Earlier discussed here & here in my 2009 posts when the study,the concept and experiments were on test bench have now touched reality....

2.  A team of undergraduates and instructors from the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) has found a way to store a whole lot of data onto living bacteria cells through a process they call “massively parallel bacterial data storage.” And in addition to storing huge amounts of data, they have also figured out how to store and en/decrypt data onto living bacteria cells.

3.  The team has managed to squeeze more than 931,322GB of data onto 1 gram of bacteria (specifically a DH5-alpha strain of E.coli, chosen for its extracted plasmid DNA size) by creating a massively parallel bacterial data storage system. Compared to 1 to 4GB per gram data density of conventional media, the 900,000GB per gram figure the team has returned is genuinely stupefying ie like  to fit the equivalent of 450 2TB hard disks (900TB) on a single gram of E.coli bacteria.

4.   A small ppt straight from the team can be seen here.

5.   Thanks for the pic


  1. Its funny. What if we decided to store all of mankinds planet secrets into bacteria and send it into space. Than somehow mutates with another organism creating artificial life and than creating a race that will destroy the planet...

    Just some out of reality thinking... =]

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