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Monday, June 27, 2011

ANDROID APPLICATIONS CLONED : Developers make it spam

1.    The latest to add on to the growing web of spams is repackaged android applications.....though till now most of the descried repackaged applications are not reported to have any malicious code in them and also like the genuine ones they are also made available for free. These effected applications have the same module as the original, but include an advertisement module ,thus developers of these apps try making money off the clicks on the advertisements.

2.   The thing is easy on part of the developers since it is easier on thier part to just fiddle with original Android apps which are written in Java and are, therefore, easily cloned.....

3.   Thanks

Monday, June 13, 2011

Your VOICE to charge your MOBILE

1.     Amazing as it may sound reading.....but here is the way thats gonna please us all to get resolved on issues of mobile many times it has happened that on our way out either we think the mobile is fully charged or when we talk too much on phone.....or just when one small query will resolve us of a standing problem...the mobile goes offffff......problem : MOBILE BATTERY IS DRAINED more.....please read ahead for brief details on the subject....

2.   The new technique developed by Korean engineers for turning sound into electricity - technology that could allow cell phones to be charged while users chat(...bak bakk).Thus Phones equipt with the technology could generate power from any kind of background noise — meaning the phone could be charging even when you’re not speaking directly into the phone. The need to carry around an outlet charger could be supplanted by time spent listening to music, or perhaps even the sound of the wind roaring past your car window.The technology is made possible by tiny strands of zinc oxide that are sandwiched between two electrodes. As a sound-absorbing pad atop the device vibrates to ambient noise, causing the zinc oxide wires to compress and release. This movement is what generates the electrical current.A prototype has already converted sound of about 100 decibels into about 50 millivolts of electricity. That’s not enough to charge a phone, but it’s an encouraging test, and researchers are optimistic that the technology could soon be developed into something more powerful.


1.    We all know how to browse hidden ie Pages you view in this window won't appear in your browser history or search history, and they won't leave other traces, like cookies, on your computer after you close the incognito window. Commonly it is known as "incognito" or "privacy browsing" avid user of chrome ....I always had to open the browser and then select "New Incognito Window" to work...but not till today....a simple amendment in the target setting of properties of chrome shortcut will always make you open the incognito window......simply append "--incognito" at the end of the link address as shown below : 

C:\Users\???????\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe --incognito

2.    More clearly ...right click on the chrome shortcut on the task bar or on the desk top and click properties.In the target text box append "--incognito" to what is already there defining the location of the chrome browser....

3.     Thats it......


1.   I am sure most of you at at some point of time in your cyber surfing would have come across chat/messenging softwares like MSN or yahoo to mention a although pretty old for the regular security guys, but thought of mentioning it here in my blog of how many of us succumb to the meanly desires of hackers via FLIRT BOTS.....u heard it correctly they are known as FLIRT BOTS.... 

2.  Here's how Flirt Bots work:

- The Bot strikes up a conversation in a chat room

- The Bots use a series of easily configurable "dialogue scenarios" with pre-programmed questions and discussion topics to compile a report on every person it meets

E.g.: says: "hey, whats up?" and further to this conversation they are invited to visit a website which could be used for any variety of malicious activity.

E.g.: says: "Ok go to http://??????.??/?????? and accept the invite on the page baby"

3.   In this case the victim is sent to a website "?????????.com" and is asked to provide personal information including credit card details in order to view the "webcam."

4.   The site can be used for many things - to host malicious downloads, or to try to sell you Fake AntiVirus software. The URL can do and host whatever the "bot master" specifies it to be .Frequently cyber-criminals collect a database of personal information and sell it to the highest bidder or anyone who will pay

5.   These "Flirt Bots", were first reported as a proof of concept(Evidence that demonstrates that a business model or idea is feasible.) by PC Tools in 2007.Thanks


1. A fresh spam outbreak has been detected online that's drawing attention widely and effects users with e-mails laced with malicious software. Reportedly, there's one web-link embedded in the spam messages supposedly providing details, while the same messages try to pull down a .zip file attachment.The interesting aspect regarding the new spam mail relates to the inclusion of a password that the recipient earlier used.Now if I see a passowrd which at one point of my cyber surfing I had used it is bound to stirr up doubts of it being actually genuine.Once i donwload this zip file ,the eventual aim is achieved ie downloading the inevitably malware.

2. Reportedly, the malware as mentioned above has been identified as Trojan.Zbot or Zeus a Trojan which tries to grab secret data after compromising an end-user's PC. Further, it may take down updates and configuration files online, according to Symantec.

3. Additionally the e-mail ids and their corresponding passwords within the above unsolicited electronic mails, arrive from one prominent social gaming website, known internationally and currently being most widespread inside Asia.

4. Hence, Symantec advises all those who think they've fallen prey to compromised accounts to scan their PCs with an AV program followed with resetting all vital passwords, particularly online banking passwords. Additionally, they must also keep a watch over their accounts should they suspect any fraudulent operation.


1. Bulletproof hosting refers to a technique wherein web hosting firms permit their customers appreciable leniency in the kinds of material they may upload and distribute. 

2. Many service providers have "Terms of Service" that do not allow certain materials to be uploaded/distributed, or the service to be used in a particular way, and may suspend a hosting account, after a few complaints, to minimize the risk of their IP subnet being blocked by anti-spam filters using Internet Protocol (IP) based filtering. Additionally, some service providers may have ethical concerns that underpin their service terms and conditions.

3. Bullet Proof Hosting allows people who want to promote their product, service on their web site by sending Commercial and Bulk Emails. As well known, Email Marketing has emerged as one of the most effective and economical marketing tool. It gives you the power to broadcast your message to millions of prospects across the world and it works!

4. This leniency has been taken advantage of by spammers and providers of online gambling or pornography.Case in point is the case of "McColo ISP takedown in November 2008".McColo was one of the leading players in the so-called "bulletproof hosting" market — ISPs that will allow servers to remain online regardless of complaints.


1.    In recent last few months,a lot has been happening in India in form of anshans,demonstrations,dharna's to bring back the black money freezing in swizz banks and to reduce far so good...the spark happened and is now gradually bowing to the Government which ensure and loves STATUS QUO.....atleast thier wasy of working confirms this....instead of supporting the movement...they took the key persons involved head on and now in another about a week or so we will be back to STATUS QUO...

2.    But China's esurient Internet users are taking a leaf from India's anti-corruption drama by opening websites so citizens can confess, sometimes in pitiless detail, to buying off officials.Several Chinese confess-a-bribe websites, including "I Made a Bribe" (, have been inspired by an Indian website "I paid a bribe" ( ranks 78th in the corruption list whereas we list at the 87th rank...m sure it is much worse.....apna nahee to kisi aur ka to bhala hoga........jai ho INDIAAAAAAAAAA

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