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Sunday, March 11, 2012


1.    You have to go through all the classes from 1st to 12th standard to be eligible to be admitted into a college.But does the Govt think so? sorry for a bad connotation...I will come to the point...

2.     Recently,in the name of cyber security preparedness,the Government,in a first of its kind, conducted a live competition between two spy systems developed by reputed tech arms of India's national security apparatus. Expectantly...(though not from the Govt point of view)...both failed to capture 100% internet data traffic, one system even crashing a number of times during the test.

3.   Point wise summary comes as follows :

- Competition held near the Air Force Station, Arjangarh.

- Conducted between a system developed by Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (CAIR)@'Netra' and NTRO's @'Vishwarupal'@developed in collaboration with a Paladion Networks.

-  A high-level committee(???) declared Defence Ministry's 'Netra' system a winner.

-  During conduct of the test , "Vishwarupal", crashed a number of times and had to be restarted. 

-  Both the systems did not capture entire internet traffic passing via its probes installed at Sify Technologies premises in Delhi. 

-  Both could return results only after repeated attempts and that too with a high latency@15 minutes.

-  Netra will now be made a robust system, to scan all tweets, status updates, messages, emails, internet calls, blogs and forums for keywords such as 'attack', 'bomb' and 'drill'

-  The committee also directed NTRO, to wrest the design and source code of its system, exclusively from Paladion, due to a risk on national security.

4.   Now if the criteria of search is still to look after key words like Bomb,drill,attack etc,I think its time to rethink again.No real world terrorist would actually use similar words since they think much ahead and are sadly making use of the technology more efficiently then the other side.Are we not aware of latest unbreakable cryptography,stegnaography and other such related field standards?.....the SRS for building such a system should be exhaustive,based on dynamic@changing and improving technology standards.

5.   We are a country who is unable to exploit the inhouse talent and strength.We still keep searching and associating ourselves with outside country companies....We are already late...and we will be more late!!!!

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