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Sunday, March 04, 2012

Blue Tooth handshakes Wifi: Here Comes BLUE FI

1.    Here some thing when technology meets till date I used to identify Blue Tooth with  proprietary open wireless technology standard for exchanging data over short distances and WiFi with 802.11 IEEE when these two get mixed we get a BLUE FI.

2.  As per a paper "Blue-Fi: Enhancing Wi-Fi Performance using Bluetooth Signals by Ganesh Ananthanarayanan" Blue Fi is a system that predicts the availability of the Wi-Fi connectivity by using a combination of bluetooth contact-patterns and cell-tower information. This allows the device to intelligently switch the Wi-Fi interface on only when there is Wi-Fi connectivity available, thus avoiding the long periods in idle state and significantly reducing the the number of scans for discovery.Now the best part about this is that when I searched something on BLUE-FI,two prominent google searches included a Paper as mentioned above by an Indiuan and also the first implememntation in India at Bangalore City Railway Station that became the first in the railway network to offer BluFi.

3.   The passengers at Banglore railway station would be able to get Internet access, by sending their mobile numbers through the Wi-Fi registration portal. The passwords would be sent through SMS. A passenger could use Internet for 45 minutes; if he wished to continue, he had to start a fresh session....sounds a gr8 start....and promising


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