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Monday, June 11, 2012

The Lightest Browser : BROWZAR

1.  In the world of browsers when we have chrome...mozilla...safari...opera..and many others.fight it out at ACID3 benchmarking levels...we have a small browser here....thats only in the name of BROWZAR.Few good things and features are mentioned below :

-  Takes seconds to download

-  No installation

-  No registration

-  One of the smallest, fastest browsers in the world

-   Just download and go

-   Doesn't save Cookies, History, Temp files, Passwords, Cache

-   Secure delete

-   Great for Banking and Cloud applications

-   Carry it with you on a USB stick

-   Great for shared computers

-   Use it on a friend's PC, Internet Cafe, Work PC, on Holiday

-   Automatically cleans up when you've finished

-   Only 222Kb...u read that right!!!only 222Kb

2.   Test and Download at


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