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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Internet Explorer : Vulnerable as always!!!

1.   Microsoft IE vulnerability CVE-2012-1889 is the latest to generate interest amongst avid cyber security readers. The special thing about this vulnerability is that it focusses on users using Gmail, MS Office and Internet Explorer. And the sad thing is that this is still a ZERO day exploit...... Rapid 7,Security software company,explains the vulnerability as follows:

“This is an uninitialized memory bug found in MSXML. According to Microsoft, such a component can be loaded from either Internet Explorer and Microsoft Office. This vulnerability is rumored to be “state-sponsored”, and what makes it really critical is it’s still an 0-day hijacking Gmail accounts. That’s right, that means if you’re using Gmail as well as Internet Explorer or Microsoft Office, you’re at risk. We expect this vulnerability to grow even more dangerous since there’s no patch, and it’s rather easy to trigger.”

2.    Whatever may say...majority of the users still by default keep using IE across the globe....when I see my own blog stats,about 60 % of the visitors use IE...and as we all keep seeing the exponential growth in the users of internet across the globe....but sadly the awareness level of how vulnerable they all are is unknown and is growing at a similar rate!!!

3.    Got the reference from here.Thanks


  1. if you reme\mber i ha\d expressed doubts over the so called "kill code" for flame released by USA....
    \well have look at this news in FOX News.

  2. yes sir...i remember...thanks for commenting