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Sunday, July 01, 2012

Mantralaya fire@Mumbai and Cloud

1.   The recent Mumbai Mantralaya Fire wherein few sad and undesired casualties took place and more then 2000 computers were destroyed is one example which shows the sad state of affairs in terms of fire fighting preparations and state of taking critical backup in important institutions like mantralaya's and ministries....Offcourse,the loss of human lives has no substitute and my sincere condolences to the berieved families...

2.   In the given case,no one would actually cry over the damage of 2000 computers...all would be worried about all the files and data that were stored on them(..infact few would have been happy to bid good bye to the 486 and celerons with 256 mb that they used to fight day in/out :-) had some one realised the importance of CLOUD here at some point of time earlier,the damage of data could have been averted.How ?

3.   It is indeed surprising for me that in the blog's five year existence,there has been very limited text on CLOUD let me start a Part series (in subsequent new posts)starting from Introduction to the advantages and the more important security threats that emanate on adopting the cloud.....


  1. The idea here actually is credited to a close office associate ie Rajeev sir when we were discussing about this incident in our office.