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Sunday, September 09, 2012

Wireless Data Transmission from every Light bulb : HAROLD HAAS

1.   As we always hear,the future is always bright and the present is always keeps waiting to see the future.So here is another bright news for all those intersted in knowing the speeds and media for data transmission in near future( near...lets see...m sire most of us willbe able to see demo is seen in the video).Before I start telling you about what news I am sharing with you here,a quote from Harold Haas,the inventor of this technology :

"Everywhere in a day there is light. Look around. Everywhere. Look at your smart phone. It has a flashlight, an LED flashlight. These are potential sources for high-speed data transmission.”

2.    Imagine using your car headlights to transmit data ... or surfing the web safely on a plane, tethered only by a line of sight.Promoting the invent as the D-Light, that uses a mathematical trick called OFDM (orthogonal frequency division multiplexing) allowing it to vary the intensity of the LED's output at a very fast rate, invisible to the human eye.The signal can be picked up by simple receivers. As of now, Haas is reporting data rates of up to 10 MBit/s per second that is faster than a typical broadband connection), and 100 MBit/s by the end of this year and possibly up to 1 GB in the future.He says: "It should be so cheap that it’s everywhere. Using the visible light spectrum, which comes for free, you can piggy-back existing wireless services on the back of lighting equipment.".Please watch this video from the TED talks by Harold Haas himself wherein he explains the technology behind in brief and shows the demo to the live audience.Simply jaw dropping for me...:-)

3.    In addition to this researchers in Germany have created the first white-light data links, which they claim can transfer information at rates up to 800 Mb s–1. The team has demonstrated a simplified version of the technology in an office building, where it managed to broadcast four high-definition video streams from overhead lights.


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