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Thursday, December 06, 2012

1 Gigabit Per Second : The dream comes to Kochi,INDIA

1.    Are you happy surfing Internet speeds at 2 Mbps and around....and have you read about speeds of 1Gbps in future.....if yesss....its time to realize that this future that we keep reading and dreaming about has reached our desktops!!!....

2.  Astonishing as any one may find that when I read about the 1 Gigabit per second connectivity made available to the people of Kansas City in the US of A, I never imagined that the same day around it will be some where offered in India too...and where else but KOCHI..........

3.  Startup Village at Kochi joined the 1 Gig speed club by becoming the second place in the world to experience lightning fast 1Gbps internet connection. Chief Minister Shri Oommen Chandy formally introduced the facility on November 17.Guys in the state of Kerala can now make the most of upload speeds that are 1000 times that of Broadband and download speeds 100 times as fast.This is a wow moment for the Kochi residents....upload and download tons in minutes and seconds :-)

4.    Congrats Kochi guys!!!!!