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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

India developing own Secure OS to strengthen Cyber Security

1.   India is developing own secure OS to strengthen cyber security.Got this news piece from here.The key points from the news are :

- India's own secure operating system to strengthen cyber security.

- 150 Engineers across the country have already been working on creating an Indian OS for over one year and a half. 

- According to Times of India ,it will be ready in next three years.

- There is no foreign involvement in this project. It is purely build by Indians.

2.   It is indeed heartening to know all this...but whats the point? Does the team of 150 engineers and the vision behind think they are creating a secure and 100% fool proof OS?...The moment it is released...there will be many vulnerabilities that will be gradually known...and then the same cat mouse race will being like with any other whats the point of starting from scratch?....will it not be wise to securify existing opensource available and invest in something like improving upon existing resources?.....Case in point,the DESI OS....will lag behind in terms of experiences gained by Windows and other OS Communities who have been in the game for years...........who have been improving daily for so many years!!!like Fedora...Ubuntu...they have been improving for last so many years to reach a level like as on date available to us....

3.  Although it is a veri good thought to have a desi OS....but I sincerely feel that we are slightly late in realizing the need of a desi OS...


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