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Sunday, May 12, 2013


1.   The phenomenal growth of data in India is rapidly evolving but where is all that data being stored?.....not a big deal to find out that all your FB profiles,your friends list, Google hangout circle of friends and all the enumerable social networking sites on the web stores your data across the globe but not in India....yes that's the truth...every bit of data that your profile holds is actually residing off shores ...what India might be holding is just logs of transaction via various monitoring eyes like CMS as discussed in last post!!!

2.   But actually what debar's any big company with a global presence to set up a data center in apna India...recently there have a explosion of many posts across the web o sphere citing the query of why is it so?...the reasons cited culminate on one reason and that's known as SECURITY....the non existence of "DATA PRIVACY LAWs" in India.....more over the fact that there is presently no existence of GIS routing of laid OFCs and cables maps though there are always plans and proposals for the future. The problem of underground OFC in and around NCR is such that companies are afraid to commit 100% availability of up time because your OFC can get damaged any time owing to so many under construction sites in NCR with dozers digging out OFC like Hollywood monsters.And these diggings are ever to continue coz still there are no laid down GIS mappings that can accurately predict the route and depth of laid out OFCs....and the most important I feel is the promise of state ELECTRIC POWER supply which is surely unreliable during any is indeed surprising that power is still an issue in NCR towns!!!

3.   The future will always remains bright because we always have plans to remove all these problem areas but how and when remains a futuristic answer.GIS routing of cables is an imminent need and so are the data protection laws.By default as on date most of the data centres are coming up in Singapore.

"Singapore offers an ideal combination of reliable infrastructure, a skilled workforce and a commitment to transparent and business-friendly regulations" is how Google explains its choice of the city. Oracle cites "excellent telecommunications infrastructure and efficient, well-qualified manpower".

Much like India set up software technology parks to nurture its IT services and BPO industry, Singapore is setting up a 13-hectare Data Center Park and inviting companies from across the world. It already has some 20 data centre hubs and offers tax and other incentives.

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