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Saturday, July 06, 2013

Spying your friend at WhatsApp : Cause of concern

1.   In my last post here,I discussed about the growing lure of using WhatsApp and the basic security concerns that comes with it from point of a naive user.Now will take you one step higher to the level of a script kiddie....

2.  How does WhatApp identify you in billions?The answer is the unique MAC address that each digital device on this earth holds. If any one changes his/her device,then automatically the MAC address also changes and the user is requested to re-verify their WhatsApp account. Means he/she cannot access same WhatsApp account from two devices. But is MACSPOOFING not existing ?So,if the Mac is spoofed,then who stops from seeing your friends traffic that includes his/her chats,downloads etc!!!although for a naive user this may be look of some technical nature but for the young gen which has lots of techno enthusiasts there should be no stopping....that would include rooting your phone and installing Busybox. How to get your friends MAC address,here it goes :

For Android phone users simply go to settings—> About phone—> Status—> Wi-Fi MAC address.

For iPhone users go to Settings—> General—> About—> Wi-Fi address.

For Windows Phone users go to Settings—> About—> More info—> MAC address.

and for BlackBerry users go to options—> Device—> Device and Status info—> WLAN MAC.

3.   And the best part is that your Andorid can be anyone starting from 1.6 on wards till date.


  1. Sir is this possible? MAC Spoofing? How sir?

    1. hi tony...just read these two links...and there are many such links giving on how one can spoof mac.In the world of IT every thing is possible...primarily being users we need to be careful at every step.The links are and

  2. So Whatsapp is also not safe...
    Thanks Sir for this gr8 info... :)
    Can you give your mail id sir? I have some queries.
    Thank you.

  3. This post is trully important and we can also spy whatsapp users. we can easily track our children. we are satisfy with your mentioned point “whatsapp spying is really important.