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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Being CEH : Certified Ethical Hacker V8

1.    After CCCSP,,my efforts to clear a EC-Council exam finally paid off....and today I passed my CEH V8 exam....the feeling of being a CEH is yet to set in...but yess!!!it feels good to clear a exam which has good repu in the security thing I would like to share is that though the exam covers nearly all domains and spheres of security and hacking but still ,end of course does not mean that a guy can hack into any site and create havoc...but yess it does make you understand the nuts and bolts of how one can do it...and more importantly from a CEH point of view...what and where are the vulnerabilities?

2.  CEH is all about offensive hacking.The amount of tools that are available today in the open source world is mind boggling...and the best part is the course ware that the student gets...its great!!!!I can just say all comes with a set of 6 CDs which have thousands of PDFs and tools.If one starts doing each and every practical aspect of this course-ware it will take more than a year to assimilate and do it on a VM that is definitely going to keep me busy.The best part is that all this is explained with screen shots and step by step instructions.

3.   As i keep doing these practicals on my VM...will try certainly uploading and sharing with you guys!!!!will get my hard copy of the certificate in a few weeks from now...anxiously waiting!!!!


  1. Exactly same i felt after ceh 7 i cleared. Congrats

    1. thanks for your reply sir and wishes....

  2. Dear Sir :
    I would like to ask you from where you have studied CEH v8 ,I'm in delhi I want to join but i dont have any idea ?this is my email id you can help

  3. Congrats bro....any advice about the course?

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  5. Thank you so much for sharing your notes. I am looking to take in 2 weeks and this will be a great help.
    ceh course in gurgaon