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Tuesday, August 13, 2013


1.   If you are one of those guys who are regular to attend workshops, seminars, product launches , must have got varying opportunities of getting hold of freebies in form of bags,brochures and PEN DRIVES....yess m sure the last one is a pure lure and most of the times everi one of us falls for it a small capacity or a large capacity...the hand does not think twice before picking it up....but does any one of us realise that it may be these pen drives who become the first source of uploading some malware or a virus in your PC or laptop...the moment it is plugged in .....the machine is compromised.....unless the autorun is disabled...which in most of the cases is not.....

2.  The concept of zero day exploits has made it more dangerous....coz even if the user decides to run a antivirus will be shown free of any kind of virus or malware...the result is a silent compromise of the machine...however updated it remains in respect of OS or browsers or any application....the silent action in the background defies every lock of the user.Now all this is not based on some kind of imagination...there have been real life cases of which the one which made lots of noise is the IBM-AusCERT conference on the Gold Coast, Queensland, in which the free pendrives were infected by not one, but two pieces of malware.The details available at this link

3.   In what must have been a highly embarrassing admission, IBM Australia sent an email to all AusCERT attendees warning them of the security shown in the screen shot above...besides this the famous stuxnet example was via pendrives if this is happening at such high levels of interactions,can the workshops u and me attend be left behind!!!!no whats the way out? way is to buy one from a genuine store...(not sure how clean will that be?)...or still better refrain your self from picking one free pendrive.


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