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Thursday, May 28, 2009


1. Continuing further exploring Windows 7 was a good expereince and has started looking promising to me.

2. Windows explorer : Windows Explorer has also been modified. New commandbar, new left-side pane containing Libraries, Favorites, etc, new Details Pane, a few new options in "View" menu like Content and at last re-sizable Searchbar.

3. Installation did not ask many questions nor did it take much time...may 30-35 minutes...i was on the desktop.

4. Desktop context menu is similar to earlier OS but addends 2 new choioces which are :
a Share with
b. Gadgets

5. Control Panel window has also been redesigned. The left sidebar takes lesser space and resizes itself whenever any control panel item is opened in the window which provides more space.

6. Calculator is a thing that I have left for now for it needs to be worked on with few examples with new features.For now I would just add that PROGRAMMER and STATISTICS are two new menu options that have been added.

7. Outlook Express is not seen till now and has been done away with!!!!

8. More will be added as I explore more!!!!!!!


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