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Sunday, January 17, 2010


1. Of the many tools that exists today for desktop sharing including standard Windows Remote Desktop Connection...i recently found one which is relatively very easy...the name is TEAMVIEWER.A very light software about 2.56 Mb only,easy to install,no complex configurations,no IP setup problems,easy interface.....just login like you log in a regular e-mail id account with a password.

2. I recently used it for trial with my friend across the another part of the continent.The result was quick and very smooth.

3. The same is available for download at .There is a paid version too with more features....but for general viewing and sharing,the unpaid will work fully to your requirements.


  1. dear anupam,
    hi a few queries:-
    1. privacy issues
    2. what all is shared by default
    3. responsiveness
    4. how is traffic routed
    5. copyright issues if any

    pl cc copy of the reply to my mail id also