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Wednesday, March 24, 2010


1. In another notable policy implementation involving IT aspect and signifying the importance of browser ,German government and administration has suggested computer users not to use Firefox and run an alternative browser instead, because of a critical security demerit. It has recommended that PC users stop using Firefox till Mozilla releases a fix.

2. The advice is based on studies and recommendations of BurgerCERT,a division of German Federal Office for Security in Information Technology. The reason why Germany is evoking such ostensibly forceful action is based on the presence of a critical vulnerability in currently available versions of Firefox that could be exploited by hackers to launch malicious code on users' computers.

3. For its part, Mozilla has acknowledged the security vulnerability, and has released the latest version of its Firefox web browser ahead of schedule because of security vulnerabilities found in earlier versions.Firefox 3.6.2 was due to launch at the end of March, but is already available to download from the Mozilla website.

4. Any advises or thoughts from the MOD(IT) INDIA.....none!!!!!!

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