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Sunday, March 07, 2010

Search Web by FACE recognition - Work is ON!!!: ONE ALBUM

1. Microsoft Israel Innovation Labs is currently working on ONEALBUM ,a project under development, that uses face-recognition technology to search for photos

2. "OneAlbum" scans faces that regularly appear in a user's OneAlbum photo collection, then searches his social networks (Facebook,Orkut, Windows Live and others) for more photos of these people. It then automatically finds relevant photos in other albums on the Internet and brings them to the user's album, and shows them side-by-side with his photos. Not only facial recognition, but OneAlbum also involves event-matching technology by analysing the people, dates, colours, and textures in a set of photos and will recognise these photos as being taken in on the same event.

3. Little confusing in the first reading.....what I understood is like one will be able to find a same persons photo when u bing(.. google) u put ur photo in the search bar and press enter...there u r......u see all content results of same person.....difficult to believe but....will be available soon in coming years!!!!


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