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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

GOOGLE finally is OFF from China

1. In my earlier post at this,this and this,the subject matter was under decision making....finally the result is out....Monday night, the cyberspace gargantuan shut its Chinese site and repositioned its search engine services to unexpurgated Hong Kong after two months of confrontation with Beijing over censorship and alleged hacking attacks.

2. The decision has its set of PROs & CONs....this will allow opportunity for others to make an attempt to compete with google which has largely overshadowed the cyber space to a large extent with discussions like one discussed for Data retention policy between Google and Bing.This is going to make China lesser dependent on Google for a large number of things which unknowingly we all have become used to.This will disallow google to retain data as per their existing policies from the complete area of CHINA unlike others who are happily allowing them to retain all data and surfing for the CONs....Chinese will not be able to search with the precision they used to(...although will be a temporary phase...they may come up with something better....) that the only CON??????I feel it is worth it!!!!!!!!!

3. Indian Sarkaaar....pls let your IT IQ refresh........thanks and


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