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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Man in the Browser Attack : New dimension of cyber attack

1. The name is interesting though and so is the working behind....MITB (Man in the Browser) attacks are designed by fraudsters to infect a web browser with malware which can result in mmodified web pages and transactions that are largely transparent to both the user and the host application.Trojans incl Silent Banker,Sinowal etc are pre programmed by fraudsters to activate when the user browser accesses a specific website such as their online banking portal.The activated trojan can then track the online session and perform real time interception etc that can lead to illegal money transfers,identity theft and further compromise on the users personal info.

2. The Man-in-the-Browser attack is the same approach as Man-in-the-middle attack, but in this case a Trojan Horse is used to intercept and manipulate calls between the browser and its security mechanisms or libraries in real time.A MitB attack will be successful irrespective of whether security mechanisms such as SSL/PKI and/or Two or Three Factor Authentication solutions are in place.


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