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Thursday, September 02, 2010

TABNAPPING : A new generation Cyber Crime

1. Another new term in the cyber crime is "Tabnapping" a combination of "tab" and "kidnapping" that could be used by phishers to dupe users into giving up passwords by secretly changing already-open browser tabs. All browsers on Windows and Mac OS X are vulnerable.It is thus a computer exploit,a kind of phishing attack, which persuades users to submit their login details and passwords to popular Web sites by impersonating those sites and convincing the user that the site is genuine. Eg . An open tab of Facebook for instance may be a false window. But very few of us may notice. As a result, we readily log in our username and password when prompted, only to fall to phishers.

2. Aza Raskin is the person behind coining this term,this 1984 born genius is an active phishing researcher.It is unlikely that Browser makers will patch this up soon the risk does not emanate from security vulnerabilities per se.

3. However, every major browser has a filter of some kind designed to weed out malicious sites and sites suspected of being infected with attack code. Those filters, assuming the blacklists underlying them are current and accurate, would block tabnapping attacks.


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