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Thursday, September 02, 2010

ScareWare : One more WAREior in the family

1. Adware,spyware,malware....and now one SCAREWARE.Imagine this...u r surfing innocently(???) on the web via your home/office PC,an advertisement appears on the web-page, trying to convince you that your computer is at risk and you must download the anti-virus to clean it. Once you click on the advertisement, a software trigger gets activated and you get caught in an unnerving loop impossible to abort. A scanner window will appear with red-letter warnings listing viruses purportedly infesting your hard drive. A series of dialogue boxes will follow giving you choices that all lead to the same screen: a sales pitch. Make the purchase, and you get a bogus inoculation. Try to cancel it, and you'll get repeated offers. It's like stepping into quicksand. The more you try to get out of it, the deeper you sink.....this is Scareware..the latest new generation way to get ur PC infected...although its first origin dates to sometime in 2004...its now that this is getting firm roots via increased strength of web surfers who are naive about security.

2. In brief, the scareware trickery ensnares internet users in the following steps:
  • Criminals buy blocks of advertisement space on websites, intermittently slipping in a tainted advertisement.
  • Just visiting a webpage with a tainted ad causes a fake warning box to appear.
  • Clicking "OK" or "Cancel" launches the same thing: a "free scan."
After you've been lured into a fake "free" scan of your PC:
  • The bogus scan will purport to find a virus infestation.
  • Ensuing boxes steer the user to activate "Personal Antivirus," on left.
  • The activation prompts take the user to a shopping cart.
  • Declining to place an order triggers endless fake scans.


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