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Sunday, December 05, 2010

Full stop from being tracked online :An attempt from FIREFOX

1.  Firefox is working on a system which will provision web surfers to stop from being tracked online.We all know how  behemoths viz Google,Facebook and a plethora of OWMs use such information to sell targeted adverts and make money without ever asking the consent of the user.Such a move would be welcomed by privacy campaigners who have long complained that Google & Facebook are taking indecorums with the information .Currently these information seeking companies make use of 'cookies' that automatically save themselves onto users computer when they surf the web, and then keep a track of the browsing history.This data is then sold on to advertisers who put highly lucrative targeted ads on the individual's screen, depending on what internet pages they have recently been looking at. 

2.  Vice president of engineering at Mozilla,Mike Shaver,summed up the plan by saying the aim was to "put the user in control but not overwhelm them".And this would not only be a welcome step being used against information thefts but also actually be a booon for users who have been taken on a ride for so long on which they never ever desired to also......


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